It’s not always the loudest voice which gets heard most clearly.

When you look at how to improve your brand’s performance, it is tempting to spend the most time looking at the most expensively commissioned parts of your brand language; however, these channels do not always have the greatest impact on your customers.

The 3 questions to ask are:

  • do all our channels (including brand copy, our customer service letters and emails, brochures, in-store conversations, and social media conversations) work together to shape our consumers’ image of us?
  • how does our brand language identify us as a member of our product category and how does it mark us out as distinct from our competitors?
  • how can we change our current performance to outperform industry standards?

Typically, Verbal Identity completes a brand audit and provides top line recommendations within six weeks. This work is used to stimulate wider conversation around the brand’s needs or give direction to the development of the brand strategy.

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